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Action (873)
Arcade (391)
Beat em up (12)
Casino (28)
Other (558)
Puzzle (628)
Racing (40)
Retro (154)
Shooting (482)
Sports (394)
Zylom (107)


Categories: 22
Total Media: 7.269
Games: 3.667
Movies: 3.602
Total Plays: 7.220.901
UserOnline: 7


Accident (487)
Amazing (436)
Animal (5)
Animation (16)
Cars (8)
Celebrities (7)
Commercials (456)
Funny (473)
Magic (476)
Misc (336)
Sports (450)
Weird (384)
   shooting Total: 482 Games  

  Frantic Killer
This is an excellent shoot' em up adventure game where you w ...
  Forest Fight
Shoot the orcs invading your village with your bow and arrow ...
  Fly Swatter
How long will it take you to swat the required amount of fli ...
  Fly Shoot
Shoot and kill as many flies as you can within the allocated time.
  Fly Pig
If pigs can fly.. pigs can die!
  Flash Strike
Shoot as many terrorists as you possibly can.
Target Practice with your gun, have fun!
  Fire at Will
Your task is to take out the moving targets quickly and accurately.
  Fast Food Follies
Go through the fast food grease burger restaurant and shoot your way out.
  F16 Steel Fighter
A incredible 3D flying simulator in flash!
  Extreme Farm Simulator
Shoot down all the pesky alien spaceships as you try to stop ...
  Evil Balloon Siege
Throw pins and pop those evil balloons invading your castle.
  Escaper Caper
Shoot all the bad guys before they escape. Watch out they might shoot you too!
  Escape Caper
Shoot the Terrrorist before the finish line
Try and escape by killing everyone! Simple as that :)
  Enemy Shooting 1
To shoot an enemy, use the mouse to position the crosshair o ...
  Emily Grace
The enemy has attacked and is currently occupying your home town.
  Embassy Sharp Shooter
Shoot as many targets as you can within the time, dont miss or you loose points.
  Earth Rock Hunter
Race through space, collecting chunks of the recently explod ...
  Dutch Sniper
Sniper game where you have to save the dutch embassy.
Re-live good old carnival fun through this game and try to s ...
  Duck Hunt
Straight from the NES, this is as good as it was all those years ago.
  Drive by 2
Score as many points as poss by shooting things
  Drakojan Skies
Lead the Omega Squadron through the Drakojan skies and prote ...
  Drak On
Fly through the skies, chase down airships, shoot flying min ...
  Dragon Slayer
Slay the dragons with your magic wand of power as you help t ...
This is a thrilling shooting game. In this top down view sho ...
  Diamond Chaser
Steal the diamonds out of the asteroids in the outer rings of Cora Flatar.
  Defend Your Computer
Protect your PC against viruses, trojans, spyware and adware ...
  Death Planet
Fly through a canyon and blow up as many x-wings as possible ...

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