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   magic Total: 476 Movies  

  Worlds best appearence of coins revealed
The magician makes a handful of coins appear on a blank peice of paper.
  Deck from Mouth revealed
Magician makes a whole entire deck appear from his mouth.
  Golf ball to Brain revealed
The magician penetrates a golf ball through his brain.
  my arm makes a 360
watch my new magic trick, my arm twist in a 360 and doesn't ...
  Knife through Arm Revealed!
Magician punctures a knife through his hand and then pulls i ...
  Torn and Restored Paper Revealed
Magician tears a piece of paper into little pieces and then ...
  Napkin to Golf Ball Revealed
Magician takes a golf ball out of a plain napkin.
  UFO Hovering Card Revealed
Magician levatates a card in midair and controls its movement.
  Golf ball through Ear revealed
Magician puts a golf ball into one ear and makes it go out the other.
  Disappearing and Reappearing Coin from Nowhere
Magician makes a coin disappear and then reappear.
  Extreme Card Catch
Magician catches a selected card from a deck thrown into the air.
  Coin through deck revealed
Magician penetrates a coin through a full deck of cards into a bottle.
  Hit card trick revealed
Magician hits a stack of cards and the remaining card is the audience's member!
  Appearing cell phone revealed
Magician makes a cell phone appear from mid air.
  Pencil up the nose and out the ear revealed
Magician stiacks a pencil up his nose and makes it come out from his ear.
  See Saw Tutorial
How to do the trick See Saw
  Magic illusion revealed
Magician does a magic illusion.
  Izzy Video 57 - "Analyze Motion" and "Match Move" in Apple's Motion
You can really make some wild special effects using Apple's ...
  Coin through table revealed
Magician makes a coin melt through a table.
  Appearing wand from mouth revealed
Magician makes a wand magically appear from his mouth.
  Number changing dice revealed
Magician magically changes numbers on a dice
  infusion revealed
me teaching u this trick
  Card vanish revealed
Magician will vanish a regular playing card and then will br ...
  Ghost/Spirt Deck Trick Revealed
Can be used in ambitous routine too.
  How To Turn Over A Card/s With Out Any Body Knowing Revealed
A great move which is how to turn over a card/s undetected.
  Cut off finger revealed
Magician cuts off his finger and restores it.
  A Easy And Great False Shuffle Revealed
A super false shuffle which can be done surrounded.
  Card from thin air performance and tutorial
card pops out of nowhere
  Slap Card Trick Performance and Tutorial
amazing, do it in your spectators hand

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